Big Bru is watching! (And selling your personal data to insurers and the like)

The Western Cape government is developing laws to direct the use of CCTV cameras in public areas and private properties.

In a province rife with crime, such laws are urgently needed to ensure vast networks of CCTV cameras that monitor public spaces and vehicles do so without encroaching on the privacy of residents.

Currently, no legislative framework for CCTV cameras exists in the province.

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Lester Kiewit interviewed Thami Nkosi, spokesperson for non-profit Right2Know.

Long overdue, given the mushrooming of surveillance networks… A timely, progressive intervention… I hope it sets the precedent for other municipalities to do the same.

Thami Nkosi, spokesperson- Right2Know

We cannot have a dystopian world… the use of CCTV camera networks can assist in alleviating crime, but it doesn’t supersede the Constitutional right to privacy…

Thami Nkosi, spokesperson- Right2Know

Your personal data is sold off to a third party. Insurance companies are licking their lips…

Thami Nkosi, spokesperson- Right2Know

Popi requires anybody who processes personal information needs to have that information audited with regards to how it is stored.

Thami Nkosi, spokesperson- Right2Know

You cannot have a camera looking into the main highway, and taking data off every car that goes past…

Thami Nkosi, spokesperson- Right2Know

Listen to the interview in the audio below.

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