Samwu workers head to Mogale City municipality over unimplemented pay increase

The union said it would seek answers from the municipality after the 6.25% pay increase which was agreed on in 2019 has not been implemented.

FILE: Samwu members during a protest march. Picture: Samwu Facebook page

JOHANNESBURG – Employees affiliated to the South African Municipal Workers Union (Samwu) headed to the Mogale City Municipality on Thursday afternoon, to find out why it hasn't made a commitment to pay the 6.25% salary increases to workers.

The union briefed media and wants the salary agreement reached in 2019 on increases to be effected.

The City of Tshwane has given the green light for 6.25% salary hikes to be paid, but the union said four out of 11 municipalities in Gauteng had not agreed.

These included the Mogale City and Ekurhuleni municipalities.

The union’s Secretary-General Bafana Zungu said: “We are going to visit Mogale City this afternoon, and we will also visit any other municipality – such Sedibeng, WRDM [the West Rand District Municipality] and Ekurhuleni – that’s where the payments have not yet been made and there is no commitment from the employer.”