‘Their lives mattered’: Brand family decries govt's silence after farm attack

Heidie Taljaard said government should speak out after her parents and sister were murdered in the Northern Cape.

Elzabe, Breggie and Danie Brand. Picture: @FarmAttacks/Twitter

JOHANNESBURG – The relatives of a Northern Cape family who were kidnapped and murdered want the law to come down hard on those responsible.

Danie Brand, his wife, Breggie, and their daughter Elzabe were kidnapped from their Hartswater home this week.

Their 50-year-old daughter’s body was found in the North West near Taung, just hours before her parents were found dead in the Northern Cape on Tuesday.

Five people have since been arrested in connection with the triple murder.

What was supposed to be a Sunday lunch turned into a blood-stained crime scene after several people attacked the family at their farmstead. While details around the murder are still being investigated, police said preliminary reports suggest the three family members were beaten, terrorised, driven off in their own vehicles and killed.

Danie and Breggie Brand’s youngest daughter, Heidie Taljaard, said her parents cared deeply for the community and would sacrifice the clothes on their back for others

“They were constantly helping people. That is the kind of parents they were, they would have done anything for us, the grandchildren and anyone around them.”

Taljaard said she’s disheartened by government’s deafening silence about the attack.

"We want the people that’s supposed to protect us to take a stand, because if you keep quiet then you are condoning it. Surely there is something wrong in our society. My parents’ and my sister’s lives mattered to me.”

The family members will be laid to rest next week.

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