5 people arrested during Gatvol Capetonian protest

Handfuls of protesters blocked off certain roads, many of which have since been reopened.

FILE: Gatvol Capetonian spokesperson Fadiel Adams. Picture: Facebook

CAPE TOWN - There have been some disruptions and violence linked to a call to shutdown Cape Town on Monday.

A group calling itself Gatvol Capetonian led the demonstration which was aimed at highlighting the need for housing and job opportunities.

Demonstrations got under way in several areas, including Atlantis and Bellville South. The group had called for Cape Town to be shut down.

However, spokesperson Fadiel Adams acknowledges protests were not on the level they had hoped for. He claimed it's because people were being intimidated.

“People are being intimidated. I had the Hawks at my house yesterday morning. Why would they come to my house? These people are here to intimidate us. Many of our community leaders had their house photographed by people in white cars.”

Adams said they decided to embark on the demonstrations after engaging with communities.

It may have been smaller than what they had planned for, but Adams has warned it's not the last time they would be taking to the streets.

“Let me tell you this, this won’t be the last time we do this. We will continue until we get it right.”

Police and law enforcement officers monitored gatherings in various communities and at least five people have been arrested.

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