Mokonyane maintains innocence, details reasons for work on home by Bosasa

Testifying at the state capture commission, the former Cabinet minister said her late husband authorised her assistant to call Bosasa to assist with an alarm once, only because their security company was overwhelmed.

A screengrab of Nomvula Mokonyane giving testimony at the Zondo Commision on 20 July 2020. Picture: SABC

JOHANNESBURG - Former Minister Nomvula Mokonyane has moved to explain work done by Bosasa at her home following accusations that she benefited unduly from the company.

She said her late husband authorised her assistant to call Bosasa to assist with an alarm once, only because their security company was overwhelmed.

But she adds neither she nor her husband met former Bosasa COO Angelo Agrizzi in their home following allegations that money had been left for her.

Mokonyane has been testifying at the state capture commission.

Agrizzi told the commission that Bosasa installed CCTV cameras and other security upgrades for Mokonyane.

She said the State installed the security cameras, but she couldn’t provide any proof. She did, however, promise to assist further to confirm this.

Private contractor Charl Le Roux told the state capture commission that he did work at Mokonyane’s house at least 10 times.

She said she knew nothing of it, except one occasion when her husband instructed her assistant to call Bosasa but said Agrizzi had no role to play in that.

“He said they are talking nonsense. He is responsible, it was only on this occasion when there was a problem when he asked because our own 24/7 electricity and security company was on call because of flooding and the storm in Gauteng.”

Agrizzi has also alleged that on one occasion he and Gavin Watson met Mokonyane in her house and left money on a chair for her.

She maintained Agrizzi must have been informed about her house by other people.


Mokonyane earlier in her testimony defended the Watson family. She said she worked with the family pre-democracy as a United Democratic Front (UDF) activist and it was instrumental in many apartheid boycotts.

Mokonyane said the Watson family helped unions and the UDF during one of the longest boycotts, including Greyhound, which she claimed was colluding with the apartheid government.

She said the family also assisted the ANC’s “ready govern programme” which put her, Popo Molefe and others through the Watson School of Business.

“I have known their generosity when there was no tender. When they used to support the detainees and underground operations. Their relationship with the ANC… it was a natural relationship of fellow fighters coming together.”

Mokonyane maintained she never dealt with Agrizzi directly and said he lied about her asking Bosasa for donations.

“He is also showing how he is so naive on understanding the ANC. The head of organising is responsible for organising. The ANC must provides resources. The head of organising is not the convenor of lekgotla. The lekgotla is convened by the secretary-general of the ANC.”

WATCH: Nomvula Mokonyane makes first appearance at Zondo Inquiry

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