OMRY MAKGOALE: The ConCourt's Electoral Act decision will show MPs who's boss


Voting for leaders is like hiring a shepherd. You need somebody you trust, who will take care and nurture your livestock. Not somebody who will plunder your livestock, leading you to starvation.

In electing leaders in any land, voters are choosing someone for the most important job you can offer anybody. You need only the best people you have in your country at the helm.

As the employers of Members of Parliament (MPs), the President, the Premiers and Mayors as their employees, it is voters who must have the right systems and methods to elect the best. The voters as employers of elected politicians need the best tools to scrutinise who should be employed as the shepherds of our country's riches.

We should not vote for wolves and hyenas and expect them to take care of our goats, sheep and cattle.

The recent Constitutional Court ruling that declared the electoral act as unconstitutional comes as a relief after our country’s resources have been depleted to bankruptcy by elected politicians and civil servants who were deployees of the Guptas, the Watsons and other nefarious families. The voters of South Africa now have a chance to change the electoral system so they can directly elect their MPs as individuals, by name, and in constituencies where they live.

They do not have to be given a list of crooks when they can only vote for a party headquarters without the power to choose by name. We need new parliamentary electoral laws that must give all citizens the power to elect an MP freely and fairly where they live.

The ability to hire and fire politicians by name is what we need. If a politician is no good, we need to have the power not to vote for that person in the next general election. Each elected MP must know that, and must be sure that between party HQ and the public, us voters are the bosses.

It is only in this way the people of South Africa will have the strength to clean Parliament. They will have the right to deploy trustworthy shepherds to take care of their livestock.

Our eyes must be wide open to avoid derailment of this opportunity to rescue the country from thieves and crooks.
Watch out! We are not yet safe!

Omry Makgoale is an ANC rank and file member. These are his personal views.