Corruption Watch: Blowing the whistle for change

Fighting corruption starts with you!

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Corruption Watch relies on members of the public to report corruption.

Whistle-blower reports are crucial to the independent anti-corruption organisation's work. It helps them identify forms and patterns of corruption and, guides their campaigns and focus on specific sectors while also providing intelligence for submissions around policy and legislative reforms. Primarily, whistle-blower reports enable Corruption Watch to speak with the voice of the public.

Reporters not only trust Corruption Watch to solve their cases, but also to deal confidentially with sensitive information.

Corruption Watch’s investigators gather information to build strong cases against corrupt individuals who are abusing their power and looting public resources. While this task can be immensely gratifying, it can also be frustrating working with uncooperative government departments.

In addition to this, Corruption Watch faces various other hurdles when it comes to securing prosecutions, making it difficult to get justice for whistle-blowers. But, while the anti-corruption organisation does not have the resources of law enforcement and legal institutions, it publishes whistle-blower reports and investigations on the Corruption Watch website in an effort to create exposure around the issue.

Potential whistle-blowers are encouraged to come forward with information. While Corruption Watch cannot investigate every case due to limited resources, the organisation can offer advice, tip off a journalist or refer cases to another anti-corruption body.

Fighting corruption starts with you!

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