Business banking that steers your business through the storm

Nedbank Business Banking is committed to supporting businesses through the uncertainty of COVID-19.


COVID-19 has undoubtedly impacted every facet of modern life: from the way we entertain and exercise, to the way we conduct meetings and do business.

In just a matter of months, South African businesses now find themselves fighting for their survival. From disruption of the supply chain, delayed payment by debtors to the impact of contractual obligations and adverse effects on work forces – no business is exempt from these vast and numerous challenges.

But, as the storm continues and uncertainty remains a common theme, how can you ensure the survival of your business?

Finding Financing

If you’re faced with the risk of not being able to meet monthly repayments of contractual loans, short term cash flow pressure and delayed debtor payments, you’re not alone.

During this trying time, it’s crucial to review your cash flow impact. Nedbank Business Banking can assist you in finding a short-term working capital solution and flexible repayment options to alleviate cash flow pressures. Those options include:

• Short term overdrafts to meet contractual obligations,

• Bridging working capital finance to address short term cash flow or reviewing your current overdraft limit,

• Deferring loan payments through payment holidays and restructures and,

• Financial assistance through the Covid19 SME Loan scheme, a government-backed guarantee mechanism.

Staying Connected

The lockdown has affected your ability to transact – and the same applies to your customers. That’s why it’s important that you find new digitised payment solutions. Not only will these solutions keep you connected with your customers, but it will ensure that you can continue doing business.

Nedbank Business Banking offers a range of remote, digital and mobile payment solutions to assist business with online ordering capability as well as an offering that allows Nedbank clients to gain an understanding of their respective customers buying patterns and other valuable information.

Braving Borders

If your business is exposed to global markets and dependent on income from exports, there’s no doubt that your cash flow is currently under pressure. To reduce some of the stress, and alleviate cash flow pressure, Nedbank business banking offers temporary, short-term overdrafts or the extension of import facilities.

In these uncertain times, Nedbank Business Banking can help you navigate the storm. From financing and connectivity to braving global markets, they can offer your business the support that it needs.

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