Possible coaching opportunities for Benni McCarthy in Portugal and Scotland

McCarthy has been out of a job since being relieved of his duties by Cape Town city in November 2019.

FILE: Former Cape Town City FC coach Benni McCarthy. Picture: @CapeTownCityFC/Twitter.

JOHANNESBURG - Benni McCarthy has revealed that he has coaching options in Portugal and Scotland but has not ruled out a return to coaching in South Africa.

McCarthy has been out of a job since being relieved of his duties by Cape Town City FC in November 2019.

Speaking to the SA Football Journalist Association (Safja) from his home in Scotland on Sunday, McCarthy said while he desperately wanted to return to coaching, it had to be for the right club.

“The [Porto] president‚ [Jorge Nuno] Pinto da Costa‚ is running to extend,” he said.

“He’s been there for 38 years and he’s looking to bring in [former goalkeeper] Vítor Baía as his vice president. Baía did mention something about recruiting players from those 2003‚ 2004‚ 2005 seasons to get back into the academy. But once the elections are over, we’ll know who’s won‚ and who’s been brought in‚ and decisions can be made on that. So yes‚ I’ll keep my fingers crossed that Vítor Baía does get elected as the vice-president to Pinto da Costa. And then that might be a good start for me. It’s in Europe‚ through a club I know very well and I’m very familiar with.

“In Scotland‚ Hearts have been relegated. And we’ll see if the German they appointed is going to stay‚ and maybe just put my name back in there as well because it’s a club that’s literally just down the road from where I live. And yes‚ a return to South Africa is not off the table. But it must be the right club.”

As for persistent rumours that he was approached to return to Orlando Pirates job after Milutin Sredojevic was sacked last year, McCarthy said no talks ever took place between the parties.

“There was a lot of noise about me joining but I’ve never had a conversation with the chairman [Dr Irvin Khoza], unfortunately. Pirates made their decision and they went for a coach, at this point in time, it seems like the right decision because that coach has come in. He’s done relatively well and has changed their fortunes.”

McCarthy has also revealed that he’s not spoken to Cape Town City FC chairman, John Comitis, since he was sacked in 2019.

At the time, the club said his sacking was due to a run of games that had seen the Citizens win two of their last 18 games.

McCarthy and Comitis have a working relationship that spans over two decades – dating back to when McCarthy first burst onto the scene at the age of 17.

“Since I’ve left, I’ve not been in contact or spoken to him or even discussed what even happened or what brought upon that… we’ve not had that discussion. I keep my distance. I want nothing more than that club to be successful because it is my hometown club”.