Level 3 lockdown – here’s what you need to know

South Africa will move to level three of lockdown on 1 June. Here are the main changes you can expect as announced by government.

Hot food sales at supermarkets can resume on level 3 of the lockdown. Picture: 123rf.com

• Alcohol sales will resume on Monday 1 June, but will only be allowed Monday to Thursday between 9am and 5pm. This applies to brick and mortar shops and ecommerce facilities

• All licenced premises will be allowed to sell alcohol – so a restaurant or tavern with a licence will be allowed to sell alcohol during the designated time periods, as will a bottle store – but only for consumption OFF the premises.

• The prohibition on the transportation of alcohol is lifted as of Friday – presumably to allow licenced sellers to stock up on time for Monday.

• All retail sectors will be open for business.

• Tobacco sales remain prohibited, but products can be exported.

• Hot food sales at supermarkets can resume.

• Restaurants can open for collections and deliveries – not just deliveries. But no sit-down service is allowed.

• You will be allowed to exercise outside between the hours of 6am and 6pm – as long as you do not do it in organised groups, and as long as you wear a mask and maintain social distancing.

• Sorry surfers and beach and mountain babies… beaches remain closed, as do public parks.

• You must wear a cloth mask at all times when you are outside of your home – it must entirely cover your nose and mouth.

• All gatherings remain prohibited, except for gatherings at a faith-based institution, in which case the gathering is limited to 50 people or fewer, provided there is enough space for all 50 to be socially distant, with at least 1.5 metres between them.

• Agricultural auctions are allowed.

• There’s also provision made for gathering to play professional non-contact sports – that includes only the players, match officials, journalists, medical and TV crews – that means several sporting codes could start coming back – including soccer.

• The world of work – everyone who can work from home must continue to do so. But anyone who needs to go back to work can – except for the specifically excluded workers.

• Businesses must stagger the return to work, and ensure that social distance is practised.

• Specifically excluded economic activity that’s not allowed under level three includes:
- Hairdressers, beauticians and all personal care services;
- Consumption of food and beverages at the point of sale (food courts, restaurants etc);
- On-site consumption of alcohol;
- Passenger ships for leisure purposes;
- Conferences and events; and
- All tourism related activities, including tourist attractions, casinos entertainment activities, cinemas etc.

• All initiation practices are prohibited. No one is allowed to hold an initiation school, no initiates are allowed to attend an initiation school, and no traditional surgeon may ply their trade.

• Resumption of all forms of public transport, including domestic air travel. The details will be provided by the Transport Minister.

• Children who cross provincial borders to go to school will be allowed to do so – they just need a permit in order to do so. That permit is contained in the regulations.