3 more health workers die from COVID-19 this week

There were two deaths in the Western Cape and one in the Eastern Cape.

FILE: Tygerberg Hospital. Picture: EWN

CAPE TOWN - South Africa has lost at least three healthcare workers to COVID-19 this week.

There were two deaths in the Western Cape and one in the Eastern Cape.

Staff at Tygerberg Hospital will be hosting a memorial for two healthcare workers who died this week.

A veteran nurse in the trauma unit and a household carer passed away after contracting the virus.

Tygerberg's head of nursing Francilene Marthinus said the deaths had put staff on high alert.

“So, we upgraded training. We make sure that we keep on reminding staff to look after themselves and not to tire themselves to the point where they will neglect their health.”

She said staff were reminded to use personal protective equipment correctly.

“Surgical mask under this condition, N95 under the other, visors, aprons, gloves.”

In total six healthcare workers have succumbed to COVID-19 in the Western Cape, with three from Tygerberg Hospital.

In the Eastern Cape, there have now been four healthcare worker fatalities due to COVID-19, with the latest a nurse from a Bhisho Hospital having died this week.

The healthcare workers are among the over 360 people who've succumbed to the virus in the country.

South Africa's total COVID-19 infection tally has risen to 19,137.

Nearly 9,000 people have beaten the disease.