All homeless people at Strandfontein site screened – City of CT

Following screening, 12 people at the Strandfontein site have been tested for COVID 19.

The Strandfontein site, in Cape Town, which is housing homeless people during the 21-day COVID-19 lockdown. Picture: Kaylynn Palm/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - The City of Cape Town on Thursday said every homeless person taken to a site in Strandfontein had been screened for COVID-19.

The site is currently accommodating more than 1,400 people during the lockdown.

The city said it had done criminal and medical screening.

Following screening, 12 people at the Strandfontein site have been tested for COVID 19. They've been isolated while health officials are awaiting their results.

Forty-three others have also been tested for TB and the results of 11 have come back positive.

MMC for Health and community services Zahid Badroodien said: “They have been isolated in our medical isolation tents that we’ve prepared. But each and every one of these individuals will be integrated into a hospital facility today and tomorrow.”

He's made it clear the site's medical section is properly separated from the other marquee tents.

Earlier this week, chaos broke out when a group of homeless people from Somerset West pulled down a fence and climbed over a perimeter wall.

They were under the impression they would be allowed to return to their areas after being screened.

MMC for Safety and Security JP Smith said 66 private security guards have joined 40 to 50 law enforcement officers at the site.

“No city in South Africa is getting perfectly, go on social media and look at what’s happening in other cities; it’s a disaster. We’re not doing too bad here and it is not, but we didn’t claim it to be.”

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