[SPONSORED CONTENT] Introducing paperless delivery of your licence disc

ChatBack is all about making your life easier, more rewarding…. and now they're helping to "flatten the curve"!

Picture: Pixabay.com

With the outbreak of COVID-19 in South Africa, ChatBack is doing its bit to change the way it collects and delivers licence discs.

Studies show that COVID-19 can live for up to five days on paper and plastic, that it can travel 1 metre with a breath, 2 metres with a cough and up to eight metres with a sneeze!

Paper licence discs get collected from communal spaces - a department office or post office. These areas process many people in close proximity. They are not conducive to social distancing and present a significant risk of spreading the virus onto the products handled.

Even if the ChatBack teams take the utmost care from a social distancing and hygiene perspective, there are still unknown and risk due to various factors.

With this in mind, ChatBack consulted with top South African medical researchers and their advice was clear - for people to avoid handling paper and plastic items passed from person to person. To do their bit, ChatBack has announced it will now offer clients a paperless delivery option.

It has invested significantly in obtaining software and hardware technology that enables it to scan a customer's disc and send them a high quality electronic version. This disc can be scanned by barcode readers - on mobile phones, for example - in order to be printed out to be affixed to the left hand side of a vehicle's windscreen.

ChatBack will keep the paper disc collected from the department or post office in a secure environment until social distancing is no longer called for.

ChatBack has consulted with top legal experts and so wants to assure consumers that this service is entirely legal. If there are any queries from traffic officials, they can contact ChatBack on 082 805 5593.

The GetBack with ChatBack programme is also going paperless. Once a consumer has renewed with ChatBack, they get access to the GetBack with ChatBack programme, which includes:

1) An exclusive website giving access to more than R3,000 worth of Checkers vouchers.

2) An exclusive 20% discount for Streamline scratch and dent repairs. They’ve partnered with Streamline to offer a mobile scratch and dent repair service that conveniently comes to the client's home or office to repair the damage on their vehicle.

3) The first 400 renewals in April will each get a R50 Loot voucher redeemable - if they spend more than R350 and select a Pargo pickup point.

4) Monthly competitions that enable one winner to win back their ChatBack fee of R199… It could be you!

If you’re happy with the service you received from ChatBack, please take a moment to let them know by leaving a review on Hello Peter. As an added bonus, ChatBack will remind you when your vehicle licence is up for renewal again. Visit ChatBack here.