Katy Perry collapses as gas leak prompts 'American Idol' evacuation

In a preview clip of Sunday's episode obtained by 'People', Perry said: 'Do you guys smell gas? It's pretty intense.'

Singer Katy Perry. Picture: Instagram.com/katyperry

LONDON - Pop star Katy Perry falls to the floor after complaining of a headache as a gas leak hits the American Idol auditions.

The Never Really Over hitmaker and her fellow judges - Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie - were just about to begin an audition when Perry detected an intense gas smell and began to feel unwell before the whole room had to be evacuated.

In a preview clip of Sunday's episode obtained by People, Perry said: "Do you guys smell gas? It's pretty intense."

Bryan then tells the producers of the show: "We're getting heavy propane."

And as she gets up to leave, Perry said: "I have a slight headache from it. Oh, it's bad. It's really bad."

Fire trucks and ambulances soon arrived on the scene and outside Bryan insists: "This is not a joke, there really is a gas leak."

Perry then falls to the floor and said: "I'm not feeling good."

Meanwhile, the pop star and fellow judge Richie have been joking about Perry's claim that he won't be invited to her wedding because he's too expensive.

The _Roar _singer teased the _Hello _hitmaker earlier this month when she said he and Bryan wouldn't be getting invites to her upcoming ceremony to Orlando Bloom because she "couldn't afford" their appearance fee.

Now, Richie has joked that he and Bryan are outraged, as they keep asking Perry details about the wedding but get no response.

He quipped: "It's time that we just put it out there. Luke and I are just offended. We keep waiting for Katy like, 'OK, when is the date and where are we supposed to be and how many songs do you want us to sing?' Crickets. Crickets. OK. So we've kind of taken it to a point now where no, we're not invited. No, they don't want to see us."