'They hanged me head down,' Chikane tells Niel Aggett inquest

Chikane is testifying at the Niel Aggett inquest hearing into the death of the former anti-apartheid activist.

FILE: Reverend Frank Chikane. Picture: EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Former government director general Frank Chikane is testifying at the Neil Aggett inquiry on Thursday morning.

Anti-apartheid activist Aggett died in a holding cell in 1982 at the John Vorster Square, which is now known as the Johannesburg Central Police Station.

An apartheid inquiry into his death concluded that he hanged himself, however, his family has always believed he died at the hands of the security branch police.

Chikane has detailed how he was tortured by police at John Vorster Police Station by the security branch.

Chikane, a cleric, was once detained by the apartheid government for his role in the fight against apartheid.

Chikane said he was subjected to torture and assault.

“They hanged me head down. They put me on a broom and hanged me with my head facing down until I lost consciousness. I don’t know how long that lasted. By the time I regained consciousness, they took me back to the cell.”

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Earlier this week, the inquiry heard that Agget as a thoughtful man and clear thinker.

Former Public Enterprise Minister Barbara Hogan took to the stand and described Aggett and his then-partner Liz Floyd as follows: “He was not a person who would just submit to someone’s way just to please them. But he and Dr Floyd were exceptional people.”

Hogan said Aggett believed that trade unions were the key to liberating South Africa and he did not want to join the African National Congress (ANC).