Anne Hathaway: We should stop panicking about diversity

The 'Devil Wears Prada' star thinks people shouldn't stress too much as it takes time for these changes to filter through.

Anne Hathaway. Picture: Facebook

LONDON - Anne Hathaway thinks people should stop "panicking" about diversity in Hollywood.

The Devil Wears Prada star can see a huge shift in how the filming industry is incorporating more female lead roles, directors and screenwriters but thinks people shouldn't stress too much as it takes time for these changes to filter through.

Asked if she thought there were enough women taking key roles in Hollywood, she told _Variety _magazine: "Aren't you ready to stop having this conversation? That's where I'm at. People are walking the walk, people are doing it. It's happening. I think the nature of the film is that there is a lag time built in between the time that the decision to change is made, and the time that the change is represented out there in the world.

"I think the key is not to get lost in those in-between moments, not to panic. It's happening. No, it's not happening fast enough. Things are good. Things could get better. Let's keep going. Let's not panic and let's keep talking about it."

Meanwhile, Hathaway had previously admitted she never thought her acting career would go this well and she feels really lucky to be where she is now.

She said: "I never thought that things would go this well, and I never thought that I'd still be, like, hitting the pavement as hard as I am now. But I do love it. I really feel lucky to do it ... I had a mistaken idea that there would be a point where you'd made it enough that you would be able to stop hustling.

"Like, I thought there was gonna be a moment where you were just like, 'Oh great, now I get to sit back. I've won this, and my movies have done that and now people come to me.' That's never really happened. When people say you really have to love acting because it's hard, like that's an aspect of it that I don't think people think about."