Neil Aggett’s girlfriend believes he was killed by apartheid police

An investigation at the time concluded that committee suicide

Anti-apartheid activist Neil Aggett was tortured for three days before his death in 1982. Picture: Wikipedia.

JOHANNESBURG - The girlfriend of the late anti-apartheid activist Neil Aggett doesn't believe he killed himself.

Aggett died in police detention in 1982. An investigation at the time concluded that he committed suicide.

The fresh inquiry ordered by the justice minister is now under way at the High Court in Johannesburg.

Three witnesses have so far told the Aggett inquiry that he was killed at the hands of the apartheid security police.

The latest being his then-girlfriend Elizabeth Floyd.

Floyd detailed the discrepancies between what she saw and what the police said.

She said she could not cope after Aggett's arrest: “…And within a couple of days, I was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and remained in isolation at the hospital under police guard.”

The inquiry continues on Friday.