Lawyer: Indemnity forms invalid if schools are negligent

Thirteen-year-old Enock Mpianzi drowned on 15 January after taking part in a river rafting activity during a Parktown Boys grade eight camp and questions have been raised about to what extent the school can be held accountable for his death

Parktown Boys' High School. Picture: EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Could indemnity forms signed by the parents of Parktown Boy's High pupil Enock Mpianzi and others absolve the school from being held accountable for the 13-year-old's death?

Not so, according to lawyer Richard Spoor.

Mpianzi drowned on 15 January after partaking in a river rafting activity during a grade eight camp in Brits, North West.

Alarms over his disappearance were only raised on Thursday and his body was found on Friday after a search conducted by police divers.

Speaking to 702's Bongani Bingwa, Spoor said indemnity forms were meant to indemnify the school against civil claims for any loss or harm and quite frequently for death or personal injury that might be sustained by the child during the outing or the event.

But, in this case, the indemnity would not be valid.

"The indemnity against negligence doesn't guard against intentional misconduct or recklessness. No indemnity is going to work in those circumstances."

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