SANParks closes Slangkop Tented Camp after safety-related 'incident'

A local tour guide has called out SANParks for failing to effectively address the spate of crime on Table Mountain.

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Park management has apparently closed the Slangkop Tented Camp in Kommetjie along Table Mountain due to safety concerns.

Cape Town tour guide Frank Dwyer says he received an email from SANParks cancelling a booking in early February that he had made for a group of clients.

It's understood that there was an incident at the site last week.

Last year, another popular hikers' camp spot, Orange Kloof Tented Camp, was closed due to a spate of robberies.

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Slangkop Tent. Image:

According to Dwyer, there has been no commitment from SANParks and other local authorities to implement safety measures along the Table Mountain route.

He says that security interventions are needed for hiking tourism to thrive in Cape Town.

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I got an email cancelling [my booking] saying there had been incidents of crime and that it was closed for security reasons.

 Frank Dwyer, Independent Cape Town tour guide

I booked it for the 6th of February for a group in Cape Point and now I don't have accommodation for them.

 Frank Dwyer, Independent Cape Town tour guide

Only one camp is now operating out of the four that were built as part of the Hoerikwaggo Trail, from Cape Point to Table Mountain, Dwyer explains.

There's only one more camp out of the original four that's operating, that's the one out at Smitswinkel Bay.

 Frank Dwyer, Independent Cape Town tour guide

There's no political will from the National Park to even talk about it.

 Frank Dwyer, Independent Cape Town tour guide

CapeTalk reached out to Table Mountain National Park for comment. They have asked to draft a written reply.

More to follow.

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