Illegal initiation school owner arrested after initiate's death

Twenty-five initiates have died nationwide.

FILE: A picture of young boys from the Xhosa tribe attending a traditional initiation school in Libode in the Eastern Cape province. Picture: AFP

JOHANNESBURG - The owner of a bogus initiation school where an initiate died is now behind bars.

He was arrested after an initiate died at an illegal school in Crown Mines, south of Johannesburg.

His death brings to two the number of initiates who have died in less than a week in Gauteng.

Another died in Lenasia earlier this week after he was found with injuries.

Twenty-five initiates have died nationwide.

Contralesa spokesperson in Gauteng Prince Manene Tabane: "The owner conducted an illegal initiation school. He was arrested and taken by police. The three remaining initiates were also rescued from the initiation school."