Charlize Theron 'frustrated' she didn't deal with director who harassed her

The 44-year-old star admits she is furious with herself for freezing at her first audition when she was harassed and admitted she hated herself afterwards.

Charlize Theron. Picture: @charlizeafrica/

LOS ANGELES - _Bombshell _star Charlize Theron said she felt frustrated and furious with herself that she didn't deal with a film director who sexually harassed her more than 25 years ago at her first audition.

She said: "I didn't deal with it, and that's what's so frustrating. You're just furious with yourself. Why didn't I just say 'No'? I speak my mind. How could I be frozen? You blame yourself, and you hate yourself."

Theron is starring as former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly in new movie _Bombshell _- which is based on several women at Fox, including Kelly, who set out to expose CEO Roger Ailes after accusing him of sexually harassing numerous women - and the actress sympathises with women who have been harassed in the workplace.

She said: "There are women who went through this day after day, week after week, month after month. It can go on for years. And 'nothing has happened', because the man didn't touch her. Women don't always do the right thing. We don't always handle it the way we should. There's limited access to opportunities, and those opportunities are only given to the ones who are 'good soldiers'."

The star also admitted she had reservations about playing Kelly because she didn't necessarily share her same political views.

Speaking to the Daily Mail newspaper's Baz Bamigboye, she added: "But bad things happen to people we might not necessarily be in line with."

The Hollywood star received a Golden Globes nod for Best Actress in a Drama Motion Picture for her role in _Bombshell _this week, but then insisted it is really ridiculous that there are no female directors up for an award at the ceremony.

Asked how she feels about the fact that no female directors were nominated, she said: "It's tough. It's really, really tough. And I think it gets really frustrating when we have to remember that women directors, especially, are just trying to get their numbers up. They represent 10% of our directors in the industry, and when you have a good year like we had this year with such great work, it is incredibly frustrating.

"No woman wants to get nominated because it's the right thing to do. It's really, really ridiculous. It's not cool. It's really hard, and I think it's unfair, and it's why we can't stop this fight. We gotta keep making noise until we're heard and these stories get recognised."