New JHB Mayor Makhubo denies he’s corrupt

The ANC’s Geoff Makhubo was voted in as mayor on Wednesday - but there have been questions about his past.

Geoff Makhubo. Picture: Twitter/@Geoff_Makhubo

JOHANNESBURG - New Johannesburg Mayor Geoff Makhubo has denied that he benefited from conflicts of interest and corruption.

Makhubo was voted in as mayor on Wednesday - but there have been questions about his past.

Former Mayor Herman Mashaba laid charges against Makhubo, claiming he had pocketed R30 million.

Makhubo said all his dealings were above board - but the DA and EFF have vowed to make sure there is no corruption.

The lead-up to the Joburg mayoral elections saw the DA and EFF heavily criticise Makhubo - but he denies any wrongdoing.

“In 2004 I was a businessman with my office down the road here. We responded to an RFP together with Regiments Capital, which was just in the formative stages, to design, form and manage a debt redemption fund. I joined the city in 2011 and of course we declared everything to the ANC and the mayor.”

Makhubo said his position as MMC came years after that contract.

But EFF deputy leader Floyd Shivambu said Makhubo was the reason for the breakdown of negotiations with the ANC.

“We are not going to support the government of Geoff Makhubo because he is not trustworthy and that is why we told him the ANC representatives it can be anyone else but not Makhubo. He was helping with Regiments Capital which is part of the Gupta criminal syndicate.”

Shivambu said they would not allow Makhubo and the ANC to fire staff and employ cadres.

But the ANC stands by him as he takes over the mayoral chains.


The ANC has won Joburg, but how much power does the party really have?

The party doesn’t have an outright majority so it will have to lobby other parties to pass motions including budgets.

ANC secretary general Ace Magashule said they had already started the work.

“In our engagement with the EFF, we said we should continue to engage on a range of matters. I can tell you, maybe I will surprise you, when I say in the DA there are councillors who want to come to the ANC.”

ANC spokesperson Pule Mabe says the first motion is removing the speaker, Vasco da Gama.

“There is an item on the agenda where another motion has to be tabled as it relates to the speaker. I can tell you when we leave here, we will be having proper government of the city.”

Both the DA and EFF said they would not be associated with Makhubo and would use their numbers to block him and the ANC - especially where public money was involved.