Pollock: CSA's cricket director must understand SA's diversity needs

The former captain says the first-ever director of cricket must have an 'understanding of the history of South African cricket and the sensitivities that are present in terms of the diversity and the way things work'.

FILE: Former South African bowler Shaun Pollock. Picture: AFP

JOHANNESBURG - Former Proteas captain Shaun Pollock believes the sooner a director of cricket is appointed, the better.

Cricket South Africa are yet to announce who Cricket South Africa's first-ever director of cricket will be.

Earlier this month, former captain Graeme Smith withdrew his interest from the role. Smith took to social media on Thursday to announce that he has withdrawn his interest.

“Following the news in the media this week that I interviewed for the CSA director of cricket role, I felt it necessary to confirm that I have, unfortunately, withdrawn my interest for the role,” he wrote. "I would love to have taken on the role. However, despite my obvious desire to make a difference, during the long and, at times, frustrating process over the last 10 or so weeks of discussions, I have not developed the necessary confidence that I would be given the level of freedom and support to initiate the required changes."

With acting director of cricket, Corrie van Zyl currently suspended it looks unlikely that CSA will appoint someone by the end of the month, which was the original deadline for announcing who will take up the position.

The uncertainty about who will take over the role also filters down to who will occupy the role of team director. That position is currently held by Enoch Nkwe, who will likely be in charge when England touch down in South Africa in about five weeks' time. But should a director of cricket be appointed before hand, that would cast even more doubt over who will be in charge of the side come the first Test on Boxing day.

Pollock said the person who takes over has to understand the way cricket in South Africa works.

"I think if you apply for that job you have to do it with the understanding of the history of South African cricket and the sensitivities that are present in terms of the diversity and the way things work. The sooner they get someone in, the better it will be for everyone involved", he said.

Pollock also acknowledged that the team itself is going through a tough period, which doesn't help the current situation.

"From a team perspective, they need all the help they can get. It's a difficult time with guys like Steyn, Amla and De Villiers not in the fold anymore. It's a bit of rebuilding process so it's always going to be difficult and you need the players that are still there to step up and they need help to do that", he said.

The 46-year-old was also critical of the domestic structures in South African and said that there needs to be a major improvement in that regard.

"In South African cricket we've had the Proteas, the next tier they've all left to go play overseas and be on Kolpak so those internationals can't come back and domestically we just play against each other. So unless the domestic structure improves how are the players at that level going to improve their skills so that we can improve at the Proteas level as well? ", he said.