Residents evacuated ahead of Bank of Lisbon demolition

In 2018 three firefighters died while battling a fire which started on the 23rd floor of the building used by the health department.

FILE: Firefighters stand in front of the Bank of Lisbon building where 3 of their colleagues died while trying to extinguish a fire. A memorial service was held for the firefighters on 12 September 2018. Picture: Christa Eybers/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - At least 2,000 people have been evacuated in some parts of the Johannesburg city centre to make way for the demolition of the Bank of Lisbon building on Sunday morning.

Several streets will be cordoned off until after the demolition is complete and the area declared safe.

The decision comes after a structural assessment found the building was not safe.

Three firefighters died while battling the devastating blaze which started on the 23rd floor of the building used by the health department in September last year.

WATCH: Father of fallen firefighter

In March this year the Gauteng provincial government announced that the structure will be demolished after a fire engulfed the building and claimed the lives of the firefighters.

The demolition set to take place at 9am.

As soon as the demolition is complete, residents will be allowed back in the area.

Government says plans for construction for a new building will be announced soon.