CoCT: Water restrictions, tariffs have definitely been reduced

This after some residents raised concerns about the cost of water.

Picture: Supplied

CAPE TOWN - The City of Cape Town said that water restriction levels and corresponding tariffs had definitely been reduced over the past few months.

This after some residents raised concerns about the cost of water.

Tariffs increased amid a threat of the Western Cape reaching the much-feared "Day Zero" about two years ago.

Dam levels were currently at 83.7%.

Water and Waste Services Mayco Member Xanthea Limberg explains.

"We went all the way from Level 6B water restrictions and tariffs all the way to Level 3 and on 1 July we implemented and approved our new budget and implemented Level 1 restrictions and water tariffs, so restrictions and tariffs have definitely been reduced as we have assessed things."

Limberg said that we have, however, at the start of this month entered a new hydrological period. The national Department of Water and Sanitation must now make a determination on allocation and potential restrictions for all users in the Western Cape.

"They have not been able to make that determination on allocations and potential restrictions yet. They've asked for extra time to do the modeling from their side and that they'll be in a position at the end of November to inform all of the users, which includes the City of Cape Town around what our allocations will be for this new hydrological season and whether there'll be restrictions imposed."