UPDATE: Lesotho officials admit Ebola case was a simulation

The Lesotho health ministry is expected to provide further details on the incident on Thursday morning.

FILE: A health worker prepares a vaccination at a health centre in Conakry during the first clinical trials of the VSV-EBOV vaccine against the Ebola virus. Picture: AFP

Editor's note: The Lesotho health ministry has since clarified that the case of Ebola that was confirmed by the country's health minister was, in fact, a simulation exercise.

JOHANNESBURG - Lesotho has confirmed its first case of Ebola.

Health officials in the mountain kingdom have told Eyewitness News the woman displayed symptoms associated with the virus when she recently crossed the Ficksburg border.

She was rushed to hospital where tests confirmed she had contracted the virus.

Lesotho health officials said that their counterparts in Johannesburg had confirmed that blood and urine samples of the woman suspected to have contracted Ebola tested positive.

She claimed that she came into contact with a Democratic Republic of Congo national while in South Africa and that both of them developed symptoms of the virus.

It's not clear where the DRC citizen is now.

The Lesotho health ministry is expected to provide further details on the case on Thursday morning.

The US Agency for International Development recently announced multi-million dollar funding to fight Ebola in the DRC where the virus has claimed thousands of lives in the past year.