South Africans putting money on the Bokke, say bookies said that so far, about 90% of bets were on the Springboks to win the Rugby World Cup final against England.

The Springboks acknowledge the crowd after a Rugby World Cup match. Picture: @Springboks/Twitter

CAPE TOWN - England and South Africa will go head to head in the 2019 Rugby World Cup final on Saturday. said that so far, about 90% of bets are on the Springboks to win the match.

CEO Scott Canny said that even though England were the favorites, it seemed that South Africans were patriotic.

He explained how the process worked.

"England are the favourites, so for every R100 you bet on them, you're only going to win R55, so you'll get R155 back. But if you bet on the Bokke, and the Bokke win, you get R260 back and we are 16 to 10 at the moment."

He said that throughout the World Cup they'd been betting on all games, offering hundreds of markets on every game, including live betting.

"Probably about 90% of our bets are on South Africa. I think the country is firmly behind them, not many people want to put their money on England, not necessarily because they don't think they're going to win, everyone in their hearts want the Bokke to win, they don't want to have their money on one side and their emotions on the other."

Meanwhile, in Cape Town, shops were running out of Springbok jerseys and accessories ahead of tomorrow's final.

With kick-off at 11am, you'll have to hurry to get your supporters gear.

Fundile Mbaleki said that he felt proud when he wore his top, and added he didn't mind splurging R1,000 for it.

"When you support something, you need to be confident. I was proud to buy this T-shirt for this amount of money."

Moegamat Uthmaan, who worked at a sports store, said that their Springbok jerseys that were priced at up to R3,500 had been sold out for three weeks.

"The first day when it came here, I was excited to unpack the box. I bought one that very day."

Grande Parade site manager Natasha Naicker says supporters could save a buck at their stalls.

"Many, many came to buy Springbok T-shirts, caps, South African flags. People are not worried about quality anymore, they're worried about quantity. If I can get it cheap, I'm going to buy it cheap."