SPONSORED CONTENT: 3 facts you may not know about tyres

Do you know when to change your car tyres? Driving around on worn tyres with less than 1mm tread is not only dangerous, but illegal.

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Owning a 4x4 has been your dream and now, you finally have it. It's amazing for bundu-bashing and navigating uneven terrain and, even those Jozi potholes.

But, do you know exactly when to change the tyres? Many people are killed or injured on the roads where defective, illegal or under-inflated tyres were deemed to be a contributing factor to the accident.

Here are 3 facts you may not know about tyres:

1. Ever wondered what exactly constitutes a legal tyre?

According to South African law, there should be 1mm minimum tread depth across the width and circumference of the tyre. Driving around on worn, smooth tyres with less than 1mm tread remaining is not only dangerous, but illegal.

2. Even if you don't drive much, have your tyres checked

Regardless of how far you drive, once your tyres are five years old, you should get them checked annually. After five years, a tyre will begin to deteriorate as it dries out and the rubber loses its suppleness. Tyre grip gets worse as they wear.

This item on all motor vehicles is very, very important because they support the car and its weight. They absorb road shocks - acting as a spring to increase comfort. They transmit traction and braking forces and they contribute to steering your car.

3. Tyre size matters

Fitting the correct tyres is critical for the quality of your driving experience. The wrong tyres can put a strain on your car and can affect performance, safety and fuel consumption negatively. When buying new tyres, there are three important things to consider – size, speed rating, and load index.

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