DA yet to decide on whether Mashaba should serve his notice period

Herman Mashaba announced his departure on Monday saying the DA that emerged from this past weekend's Federal Council is not the organisation he signed up for.

Heman Mashaba. Picture: Kayleen Morgan/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba will know on Wednesday whether the Democratic Alliance (DA) will allow him to serve out his notice period following his resignation from the party.

Mashaba announced his departure on Monday saying the DA that emerged from this past weekend's Federal Council was not the organisation he signed up for.

His resignation came just a day after Helen Zille was elected as the party's Fedex chair.

The party's federal executive postponed its meeting from Monday to Wednesday to discuss Mashaba's resignation and the coalition government in the City of Johannesburg.

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Eyewitness News understands some members of the executive were so aggrieved by what they called Mashaba’s harsh attack on the party that they wanted his membership terminated with immediate effect.

Mashaba admitted on Monday that this was an option: “I’m fully aware that the DA constitution entitles the party to terminate my membership immediately, that is their right. However, it is my hope that I will be able to see my work through until the end of November because there are many pressing matters that must be finalised.”

The party’s leader Mmusi Maimane backed him on this: “…And it will certainly be my view that I want for Herman Mashaba to finish the term and a proper handover must be in place.”

But Maimane could be taken to task for “celebrating the man who was trashing the DA”.

The main opposition party expressed regret over Mashaba's decision to resign, saying it would have served the party, city and coalition government well for him to serve until the end of his term.

Speaking on the Aubrey Masango show on Monday night, the DA’s national spokesperson Solly Malatsi praised Mashaba for his work in the city.

“From our side, we can only pay tribute for the outstanding work that he has been able to achieve in a very difficult political environment and managing a very complex and fragile coalition.”

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Meanwhile, analysts have backed Mashaba's assertions that the DA was struggling to transform and prioritise the redress of colonial and apartheid legacies.

Political analyst Professor Somadoda Fikeni pinned down the DA’s struggle to deal with the politics around economic exclusion, poverty and inequality on the lack of coherent ideological and philosophical direction.

He said there appeared to be biased in the treatment of black leaders in the party and this lend credence to Mashaba’s frustrations.

“We saw the treatment of De Lille, Mamphela Ramphele, with Mbali Ntuli, with Lindiwe Mazibuko, with Maimane somewhat and Joe Seremane, and we have not seen such being done to other recruited white leaders.”

Meanwhile, another analyst Ralph Mathekga believed the issues that eventually saw Mashaba throw in the towel after his three years in the city’s top post could be hard to subdue.

“Those are fundamental issues and issues of principle. If someone believes the party does not sympathise with the history of the people they identify with, and Mashaba being a black person here who understands the majority of black people have suffered historical political justice.”

Mashaba said the DA faction that emerged victorious from the weekend’s Federal Council would have seen to the demise of his pro-poor agenda, saying he had been tortured for choosing the stance.