Nicholas Ninow life sentence: 7 key quotes from Judge Mokhine Mosopa

Dubbed the Dros rapist, Nicholas Ninow was handed life in prison for rape and a five-year sentence for the possession of drugs and a further five-year sentence for defeating the ends of justice.

Convicted rapist Nicholas Ninow at the High Court in Pretoria on 16 October 2019. Picture: Xanderleigh Dookey/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Convicted child rapist Nicholas Ninow was on Thursday sentenced to life imprisonment for the rape of a seven-year-old girl at a Dross restaurant in September last year in Silverglen, Pretoria.

Judge Mokhine Mosopa handed the 21-year-old five-year sentences for the possession of drugs and for defeating the ends of justice. The judge also ordered that Ninow’s name be included on the National Register for Sex Offenders.

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Despite pleading guilty to rape at the start of the trial, Ninow had maintained that alcohol and drugs led him to rape the little girl.

Here are the seven quotes from Judge Mosopa:

  1. “What was a happy family outing to the Dros restaurant became a nightmare for the family of the complainant. Nobody expected that the complainant will be degraded in a manner in which she was degraded by the accused. The complainant was violated at a place where everybody thought that their children were safe. The complainant is now scared of visiting restaurants and being in the company of men.”

  2. “The accused violated a child he was supposed to protect, as his grandmother said the accused was an overprotective person.”

  3. “This incident left the complainant with emotional scars. The incident did not affect the complainant alone; the family of the complainant was left traumatised because of this rape incident.”

  4. “The mother of the complainant does not wish any parent to experience what she experienced on the day her child was violated.”

  5. “Courts must not be shy to impose sentences which will deter would-be offenders of the commission of offenses similar to the one that was committed, and also to deter the offender.”

  6. “The accused, even though he was branded as a drug addict, there’s evidence there are instances where the accused can live a life free of drugs. What is disturbing in the accused saying drugs where the source of his current situation, is that he’s currently doing drugs in prison. The concept of rehabilitation, in my opinion, starts with an individual. The accused is not prepared to rehabilitate himself as he’s shown in the past and now.”

  7. “The accused testified that he was sincerely remorseful, however, both experts used the words regret and remorse interchangeably, which to me do not denote the same thing. Genuine contrition can only come from an appreciation and acknowledgment of the extent of one’s error.”

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