Ninow's grandmother: Nicholas is not just a Dros rapist

Pauline Gericke described her grandson Nicolas Ninow as a protective person.

Pauline Gericke, the grandmother of convicted child rapist Nicholas Ninow, gives testimony in mitigation of sentence at the High Court in Pretoria on 16 October 2019. Picture: Xanderleigh Dookey/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Nicolas Ninow' s grandmother on Wednesday told the High Court in Pretoria that he should not only be seen a rapist because he has a good side that she loves.

Ninow took the stand in mitigation of sentence on the first day of sentencing proceedings after being convicted of raping a seven-year-old girl in a toilet cubicle at a Dros restaurant in September last year.

The State rejected his plea explanation and is pushing for the maximum sentence.

Pauline Gericke described her grandson as a protective person.

WATCH: Ninow's grandmother: There is another side to Nicholas that is not the Dros rapist

She broke down in tears on Wednesday as she explained how she didn’t care what people thought of him and insisting that he lost the plot when he started using drugs.

“Nicholas is not just a Dros rapist, there’s another side to him – a good side; a side that I raised to be a good boy.”

The High Court in Pretoria also heard testimony from the social worker who recommended a life term for Ninow.

His grandmother is expected back on the stand on Thursday morning.