2 train carriages torched near Simon's Town

Two train carriages have been torched at Glencairn station.

Officials assess the damage of a train fire at Glencairn station on 7 October 2019. Picture: 1 Second Alerts

CAPE TOWN - Two train carriages have been torched at Glencairn station.

Plumes of black smoke have been billowing from the tracks along the seaside.

Firefighters, police and technicians are on the scene.

The cause of the fire is unknown at this stage.

Metrorail said that the train was en route from Simon's Town to Cape Town when it caught alight just after 1.30pm on Monday afternoon.

Metrorail's Riana Scott said that no injuries had been reported: "The incident impacts all inbound and outbound Simon's Town trains, which are now forced to terminate at Fish Hoek station until further notice. Commuters are advised to make alternative transport arrangements between Fish Hoek and Simon's Town stations."

Scott said that mop-up operations would commence once the train was moved to the depot.

"Safety tests have been conducted to assess whether the line or overhead infrastructure suffered any damage as a result of the fire. The cost of the damage will only be confirmed once the damaged train has been taken to the depot."