Ranjeni Munusamy: It’s untrue I refused to co-operate or tried to evade police

Ranjeni Munusamy on Monday filed a secondary affidavit in response to allegations levelled against her at the state capture commission of inquiry.

Ranjeni Munusamy. Picture: Supplied.

JOHANNESBURG - Tiso Blackstar senior journalist Ranjeni Munusamy has denied that she refused to cooperate with officials investigating her car settlement after this was alleged at the state capture commission of inquiry.

Munusamy on Monday filed a secondary affidavit in response to the allegations.

Munusamy's name was first mentioned at the commission two weeks ago after it emerged that her car was allegedly paid off using funds from the secret service account. At the time, Munusamy was not working as a journalist. In 2003, she was suspended by the _Sunday Times _for passing a story to the _City Press _on then-National Director of Public Prosecutions Bulelani Ngcuka. She resigned before disciplinary measures were instituted against her. Munusamy then worked as a communications specialist.

She said there was nothing untoward about the payment made to settle her car on May 2008, saying she asked for financial support from someone she considered a brother, businessperson Basheer Abdool.

Munusamy said in 2012 a police investigator contacted her about a probe. She said she organised for them to meet at her offices, but he never arrived and didn’t make contact again.

She also relayed how in a second incident Hawks detective Kobus Roelofse contacted her in 2014 and wanted to talk to her about an investigation involving her car.

Munusamy said she organised to meet him with a lawyer and when Roelofse heard that this would be the case, he seemed surprised and never made further contact.

She said it was untrue that she refused to co-operate or even tried to evade police.