Mdluli ordered his family be appointed as agents, Zondo inquiry told

Colonel Dhanajaya Naidoo told the state capture commission that two of the people that were on Richard Mdluli's case were his then-wife and his girlfriend.

FILE: Former Crime Intelligence head Richard Mdluli appeared at the Boksburg Magistrates Court on 24 June 2011. Picture: EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Former Crime Intelligence head Richard Mdluli has been accused of abusing the unit's agent programme by instructing that several of his friends and family be enrolled as agents.

This was the testimony of whistleblower Colonel Dhanajaya Naidoo at the state capture commission on Monday.

Naidoo was testifying via an audio feed to protect his identity. He's been in the witness protection programme since 2011.

He explained how the Mdluli’s family came to being listed as agents:

“This was around January or February 2010, I was in general [Solly] Lazarus’ office when Mdluli arrived. he produced a piece of paper, handed it to General Lazarus and said he wanted all those people on the list to be appointed.”

Naidoo revealed the relationship two of the people on the list had with Mdluli.

“After general Mdluli left, general Lazarus looked at the piece of paper that was handed to him and he told me that Mdluli wanted to appoint his family members. His exact words were ‘he wants to appoint his vrou and his queen’. At that stage, the vrou referred to his then-wife and the queen referring to the girlfriend.”