EWN Sport Fantasy Football Gameweek 7 – Knowledge is king

Welcome to this week’s episode of EWN Sport Fantasy Football podcast, where we learn that anything can happen – and it usually does.

EWN Sport Fantasy Football. Picture: EWN.

This week on the EWN Sport Fantasy Football podcast we talk injuries to key players, the big match on Monday Manchester United v Arsenal, and can you guess the mystery player by their stats?

Listen to the latest edition of the EWN Fantasy Football podcast:

Wesley Peterson was all smiles after scoring 81 points in Gameweek 6, moving him up to 16th position in the EWN Sport Fantasy Football League (code: 1y5yf9).

Resident number cruncher Jason Bechervaise was looking smug after a decent Gameweek 6, but can he beat his father, Adrian Bechervaise, whose team lies just one spot ahead of him. Like father, like son? Certainly looks like it.

Ashley Muller and Adrian Ephraim are in a head-to-head race to the bottom of the league. Who will win and be rock bottom, time will tell.

This week’s dumb question deals with injuries, and whether it’s best to hold onto your injured player in the hope that they will return in a week or two and perform better. Or should you let them go as soon as they hit the turf?

“When you buy a player, you generally buy them for an extended period, unless you’re doing a one-week bump. If any injury happens to a player, more often than not I feel it’s better to hold on to him. You’ve invested in that player, but then again if someone lost their leg, I wouldn’t be holding on to them anymore,” says Jason. Ouch.

“Knowledge is king,” says Wesley. “If you go on gut feel you won’t make a wise call. Check out all the information possible.”

Just when we thought things were going well, Ashley seems to have lost the plot, and goes on a rant about his beloved, faltering Manchester United. It will bring tears to your eyes.

The Red Devils take on Arsenal on Monday night and the guys weigh in with their thoughts on this classic rivalry.

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