Three arrested for Amy'Leigh De Jager kidnapping

Police have confirmed that three people have been arrested in connection with the kidnapping of 6-year old Amy'Leigh De Jager.

Amy'Leigh De Jager. Picture: Facebook/Ria Van Der Walt

JOHANNESBURG - Police have arrested three people in connection with the kidnapping of six-year-old Amy'Leigh De Jager.

Crime Intelligence traced two women and a man to their homes in Vanderbijlpark where they were arrested on Wednesday night and in the early hours of Thursday morning.

De Jager was reunited with her family on Tuesday morning hours after she was snatched by four men from her mother's car outside Laërskool Kollagepark.

The police's Vish Naidoo said that one of the people arrested was known to the family.

"They are currently in police custody and they are expected to appear in court on a charge of kidnapping before the close of business tomorrow. We understand what happened, we understand what the motive was - greed. They wanted money."

Naidoo said that more people could be arrested in connection with the kidnapping.

"The suspects were arrested at their homes in the Vanderbijlpark area last night and in the early hours of this morning. The women are aged 27 and 40 and the man 50 years of age."