Gauteng police say decrease in violence linked to increased deployment

Over 280 people have been arrested for public violence since Sunday.

Plainclothes police chase looters in Alexandra, Johannesburg on 3 September 2019. Picture: Bonga Dlulane/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Gauteng police said they had increased visibility across the province and noted a decline in violence following sporadic attacks and mass looting of shops.

Over 280 people have been arrested for public violence since Sunday.

There's been unrest in the province resulting in people being displaced from their homes in some areas and shop owners seeking refuge after their stores were ransacked.

As police remain in violence-stricken areas across Gauteng, there have been calls from authorities for people to stop spreading false information, which has the potential to instill fear and intimidation.

Meanwhile, the scale of the carnage continues to unfold. Two burnt bodies were discovered in shops on Wednesday in Alexandra after the buildings were set alight during looting in the area earlier this week.

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Foreign shop owners in Midrand closed their stores yesterday as a precaution for possible lootings and attacks.

The police Lungelo Dlamini: "We'll be deploying them as long as the situation remains tense. As the deployments have increased there's been a decline in the violence."

President Cyril Ramaphosa has warned of more reprisal attacks on South African businesses if the violence continued.

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