Zuma questions circumstances around Watson’s death

The former Bosasa CEO, who was a central figure in allegations of corrupt relations between the company and government officials, died under mysterious circumstances in a car crash last week.

FILE: Former President Jacob Zuma. Picture: Bertram Malgas/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Former President Jacob Zuma has questioned the circumstances surrounding Gavin Watson’s death, saying there are gaps in the story.

Zuma paid tribute to the late Bosasa CEO at a funeral service in Port Elizabeth on Tuesday afternoon.

Watson died in a car crash last week just a day before he was due to testify at the Sars inquiry into his tax affairs.

Zuma said many of his comrades who were viewed as obstacles were dying.

“I’ve become very worried in the manner in which many comrades are dying these days, particularly knowing as I do how some intelligence organisations operate.”

He said he somethings don’t add up.

“The report that the family gave me has a lot of gaps in the manner in which comrade Gavin was found and how he died.”

It was alleged at the state capture commission of inquiry that Watson was a central figure in the corrupt dealings between Bosasa and government and a close ally to the former president.

Zuma said he hoped the investigation into Watson’s death would prove him wrong.

He also described Watson as an extraordinary man and a friend who contributed immensely to the country.

“This extraordinary man, who comes from an extraordinary family, he is the only one I remember, who came to my little home called Nkandla and we had a good time,” Zuma said.

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