'I asked an academic question': AfriForum CEO defends tweeting apartheid flag

Speaking on 702's Afternoon Drive, Ernst Roets said he was not disrespecting the latest judgment which declared the display of the flag as hate speech.

FILE: AfriForum's Ernst Roets outside the Johannesburg Magistrates Court on 21 August 2019. Picture: Abigail Javier/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - AfriForum CEO Ernst Roets has defended tweeting a picture of the apartheid flag shortly after the Equality Court ruled its gratuitous display constitutes hate speech.

Roets caption the tweet "Did I just commit hate speech?".

Speaking on 702's Afternoon Drive, Roets said he was not disrespecting the judgment, insisting that the court said the flag could be used for artistic, journalistic and academic purposes.

"I am a scholar of law, I am doing my doctorate currently on minority rights, this is a minority rights issue and I asked an academic question. If we say we have freedom of speech, that is exactly what it is, it means defensive speech and controversial speech is also protected.

"I am just saying the fact that a court says something doesn't by definition mean that is the right thing."

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