FIKILE-NTSIKELELO MOYA: The ANC's narcissism is damaging SA


The ANC’s narcissistic obsession with itself at the expense of the country it is supposed to be governing is detrimental to South Africa.

The party must either have a snap election to determine for once and for all whether it wants to be led by President Cyril Ramaphosa, or the head of state must call for snap elections to get South Africans to choose a government they want.

As with the biblical figure Samson, the ANC seems determined to pull down the pillars that hold the country up and to allow for South Africa to go down with it. The party has become the epitome of what Thomas Paine meant when he said the duty of a patriot is to protect his country from his government.

The ANC has become incredibly unpatriotic in its gloves-off internecine battles.

I admit that for a while now, I have this issue, mostly because I recognise that the ANC is a legitimately elected and popular government. So I must reiterate here that it is not the ANC’s right or legitimacy to govern.

Their obsession with themselves and the fact that we are here discussing party political machinations comes at a time when the country is facing the prospect of having to take its begging bowl to the International Monetary Fund.

The second reason the party must elect new leaders or government must call for new elections is that the country cannot afford to allow for the ANC’s desire to self-destruct impact on the rest of society.

It does not take a political science degree to figure out that there is no way that the ANC faction opposed to its own leader would allow for President Ramaphosa to succeed. In fact, they are more likely to set him up to fail so they can show his shortcomings at the next national general council or elective office as reasons he should be sacked.

This would have been fun and games if these machinations were unfolding at the Patriotic Front or the Green Party. When it is the governing party that is at war with itself, it is a disaster waiting to happen. Actually, it is disaster unfolding.

South Africa cannot wait a day longer for the ANC to decide who its real leader is and what its true programmes are.

Former President Jacob Zuma caused many in the party considerable embarrassment when he said the ANC’s interested came ahead of the state’s.

At the rate the party’s own comrades are going for one another’s throats, one must question if even that already bizarre statement by President Zuma has any truth. That is how bad things are.

Fortunately, our Constitution provides a way out of this morass. Section 93 (1) of the Constitution allows for Parliament to pass a vote of no confidence in the Cabinet, including the President. If the president resigns, Parliament can call for new elections.

I am not holding my breath expecting that our Parliamentarians, whether members of the governing party or not, will ensure that this happens.

One thing they cannot say though is that they could do nothing because the Constitution tied their hands thus debilitating their attempts to prevent the country becoming yet another failed African state.

Fikile-Ntsikelelo Moya is an independent journalist and former editor of The Mercury and The Witness.