DJ Fresh: I am a reluctant reckless spender

947's Afternoon Drive host DJ Fresh talks about being a reckless spender and being accused of having a 'pauper mentality'.

Picture: Thomas Holder/EWN

JOHANNESBURG – Thato “DJ Fresh” Sikwane recently joined 702’s Bruce Whitfield for this week’s Make Money Mondays edition, where he shared details on his relationship with money, how he manages it, and the importance of saving.

The 947 Afternoon Drive host said he used to be reckless when it came to money, but now he has slowed down. He said he had an adviser who helped him to make sure he is putting enough money away.

“Myself and money are not always the best of friends because there is a reckless part of me that wants to just spend, but because I have watched people around me squander money or be worse off than they were before they had money, I am also very cautious,” he said.

DJ Fresh said he had once been accused by a friend of having a “pauper mentality” because he counts cents.

“I think twice before I spend on something, so I am a reluctant reckless spender,” he said.

Listen to the audio below for more.