Winde lashed for failing to address WC's most urgent needs in Sopa

Most opposition parties were left unimpressed with Western Cape Premier Alan Winde's State of the Province Address.

Western Cape Premier Alan Winde delivers his State of the Province Address in the provincial legislature on 18 July 2019. Picture: @alanwinde/Twitter

CAPE TOWN - Just days after delivering his maiden State of the Province Address, Western Cape Premier Alan Winde has faced sharp scrutiny.

Opposition parties took a swipe at Winde for failing to address the province's most pressing needs.

The ruling Democratic Alliance (DA) however came to his defence.

Most opposition parties were left unimpressed with Premier Alan Winde's speech.

The African National Congress (ANC)'s Nomi Nkondlo said that Winde was far away from reality.

"The investment-led growth is no silver bullet, especially given the uneven realities of our country."

The Good party's Brett Herron said that government needed to be taken to the public.

"If you are serious about taking government to the people, then take it to the people who cannot come to you."

FF Plus MPL Peter Marais has told Winde to demand more powers from national government.

"They're in charge of our abbatoirs, ambulance services, archives, libraries, liquor licences and museums... that's the only power you've got."