'Suits' will address Duchess Meghan's character in final season

'Suits' is set to address the Duchess of Sussex's character during its final season.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Picture: @sussexroyal/instagram.com

LONDON – Legal drama Suits is set to address the Duchess of Sussex's character Rachel Zane during its final season, although she won't be making an appearance.

The long-running legal drama is set to conclude this year final its last series, and it's been confirmed that the actress - who was known as Meghan Markle before she married Prince Harry last May - will be referenced on screen after her alter ego Rachel Zane left in 2018.

Patrick J Adams - who played her love interest Mike Ross - will appear in the five episodes of the upcoming run as his character returns from Seattle, and despite Markle no longer being involved in the show, her presence will still be felt.

Adams told website Entertainment Tonight: "For Mike, this is just a trip to New York. He's in Seattle, [Mike and Rachel] are building their life together, it sounds like he's doing well.

"It seems to me like Mike's in a great place. Whatever is happening in Seattle is really good...

"There's phone calls with Rachel saying, 'Goodbye, I love you,' and, you know, I think there's some obvious acknowledgement that she's still there and a part of the show."

Adams dismissed any concerns there could be an unhappy ending for either of the characters, as he confirmed Mike and Rachel are definitely still in a "good" place.

He added: "We're happy. I promise you they're happy."

Markle, 37, was forced to turn her back on her acting career when she got engaged to her now-husband Prince Harry last year and - although she's clearly enjoying being a member of the royal family and motherhood after welcoming baby Archie two months ago - she admitted she feels sad about the fact she had to give up her role in the show.

Last summer, she spoke to members of the public and revealed to fans that she misses starring in the show.

One fan, Fiona Moore, recalled their conversation afterward, saying at the time: "I'm a fan of Suits and I said to her that I miss it and she said 'so do I.' She seemed very relaxed and was joking and laughing."