Jacques Pauw ready for court battle against former spy boss

Arthur Fraser served Pauw with a summons intending to sue him for R35 million.

FILE: Veteran journalist Jacques Pauw speaks at the launch of his book 'The President's Keepers' at the Brooklyn Mall in Pretoria on 9 November 2017. Picture: Louise McAuliffe/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - As investigative journalist Jacques Pauw prepares for a legal battle with former spy boss Arthur Fraser, his legal team aims to submit three forensic reports to court to counter Fraser’s arguments.

Fraser served Pauw with a summons intending to sue him for R35 million.

The former State Security Agency director general claims he suffered reputational damage and his business took a knock as a result of the release of the book The President’s Keepers.

In the book, Pauw writes that Fraser could probably be charged with treason for a host of alleged crimes.

Pauw is ready to take on Fraser in court and he is even hoping to get an opportunity to cross-examine him.

“I can’t how he can avoid testifying in his own defamation case. I think he’s got lots of explaining to do,” he said

Pauw has been given 20 days to indicate to the Western Cape High Court that he will oppose the litigation.

Meanwhile, legal expert advocate Mahlodi Muofhe said it would be difficult to prove a case when there are no supporting affidavits.

“Any litigate wanting to bring any action, must, first of all, engage with all the witnesses he thinks will be needed to support his or case. But if you bring an action without the corroboration of all the witnesses you think will support you, you will battle,” Muofhe said.

Fraser claimed in his summons that he lost business and clients due to the allegations.