Freight association calls for calm as attacks on truck increase

It is believed that heavy-duty vehicles are being targeted by locals claiming that foreign nationals are taking their jobs.

A truck driver was killed on Sunday, 12 May,  after a rock was hurled at his vehicle on the N1 near De Doorns. Picture:

JOHANNESBURG - The Road Freight Association said more than 2,000 trucks had been damaged in the last 18 months as a result of protests over the alleged employment of foreign drivers.

The N3 route between Johannesburg and Durban has once again come under the spotlight after several vehicles owned by companies that employ foreign truck drivers came under attack earlier in June.

It was believed that heavy-duty vehicles were being targeted by locals claiming that foreign nationals were taking their jobs.

The association said the attacks had left dozens dead and caused over R1 billion in damage to trucks and cargo.

Chief operations officer Gavin Kelly said the allegations needed to be investigated.

“There has to be calm, they can’t go around burning trucks or people. If there are companies that are alleged to be employing foreign individuals and not locals, those companies need to be investigated to see who is working for them, and if foreigners are working for them, then how did they get employed? Did they follow the legislation?” Kelly said.