R5,000 bail for Forest High stabbing suspect

The Johannesburg Magistrates Court issued its judgment on Monday, saying it was in the interest of justice that he be granted bail.

Forest Hill High School. Picture: Google Maps.

JOHANNESBURG - The 19-year-old pupil from Forest High who is facing charges of murder and attempted murder has been granted a R5,000 bail.

The Johannesburg Magistrates Court issued its judgment on Monday, saying it was in the interest of justice that he be granted bail.

Mohamed M wela is accused of stabbing and killing Daniel Bakwela and wounding two others during a fight outside the school last week Monday.

The family deceased’s family is unhappy with the ruling. After being granted bail, Mwela broke into tears as he was leaving the courtroom.

And outside the courtroom, family and friends of the deceased stood in the corridors, crying foul over South Africa’s justice system.

Meanwhile, a 15-year-old boy was expected to appear in court on Monday for allegedly robbing fellow pupils at his high school in Sea Point.

The boy was arrested on Sunday after officers found some of the stolen items in his house in Philippi.

He was apparently caught, along with his accomplices, on CCTV footage entering a classroom where an exam was being written last week.

He and other suspects allegedly robbed the teacher and pupils at gunpoint before fleeing the scene.

The police's Andre Traut said the suspect was expected to appear in court on Monday, and officers were searching for his accomplices.

“There are investigations into a brazen robbery perpetrated at a high school in Sea Point on Wednesday led us to a 15-year-old suspect arrested on a charge of armed robbery. The suspect is a scholar at the same school. During a search at his residence, six cellphones believed to be stolen in the robbery were found.”

In a separate incidence, police were investigating the death of a 17-year-old who was stabbed by a 15-year-old during a fight on Grand Parade, in Cape Town, on Friday night.

The 15-year-old was also injured when he was struck in the face with a brick. He was under police guard while recovering in hospital.

Both learners were at a school in Woodstock.

At the same time, metro police arrested a 15-year-old for possession of drugs in Lentegeur, Cape Town, on Sunday.

Metro police's Ruth Solomons said when searching the teen's house 100 mandrax tablets were found.

“The officers arrested the teen and transported him and his mother to Lentegeur SAPS, where he was detained for further investigation. The standby probation officer was notified of the minor’s arrest.”

Additional reporting by Monique Mortlock & Jarita Kassen.