Saray Khumalo descends Everest, to make contact with SAns for first time

Khumalo is the first African woman to summit Everest.

South African mountaineer Saray Khumalo in Nepal during her attempt to summit Mount Everest. Picture: Summits with a purpose Facebook page

JOHANNESBURG - As South African climber, Saray Khumalo makes her way down Mount Everest from Base Camp 3, it’s understood she'll be making contact with South Africans when she arrives at the next base camp where there is access to the internet.

Khumalo is the first African woman to summit Everest.

Khumalo's friend, Erika Gibson says she will be in contact soon.

“At the base camp they have access to Wi-Fi, so this will be the first time that we’ll be getting a proper conversation with her as well as to her situation.”

Gibson said the stop at base camp is an important time for Khumalo's team to process the last few days.

“The team has gone through a very challenging descent losing two of their team members, unfortunately. This will the first real time for them to regroup and rework emotions of the last couple of days.”