ANC retains NC but with reduced majority

With all the votes counted and captured, the ANC has managed to win 57% of the vote.

ANC supporters dance and sing at the Ellis Park Stadium as the show begins before speeches and dignitaries arrive. Picture: Thomas Holder/EWN

CAPE TOWN - The Northern Cape has officially announced its results and opposition parties have failed in their bid to bring the ANC below the 50% mark.

It became one of the most hotly contested provinces in the nation in the run-up to the polls, with opposition parties making a concerted effort to bring the ANC below the 50% mark.

The ANC hangs onto power in the province but with a far smaller majority than it won in 2014.

With all the votes counted and captured, it's managed 57% of the vote.

DA support has grown considerably in the province to just shy of 26% and support for the EFF has also mushroomed, winning almost 10% of the provincial vote.

The FF+ has also doubled its support in the province but off a fairly low base, so it's coming in as the fourth largest party in the province.

The province is the nation's largest by landmass but has the smallest registered population.

The majority of its residents speak Afrikaans as a first language.