FF+: It’s a myth we’re an exclusively white and conservative party

According to preliminary results on Thursday morning from the IEC, the FF+ received over 135, 000 votes in the national results.

FILE: FF Plus leader Pieter Groenewald at the party's manifesto launch on Saturday, 2 March. Picture: FF Plus Facebook.

JOHANNESBURG - The Freedom Front Plus (FF+) said on Thursday its increase in electoral support in this year’s general elections was an indication that the party was for all South Africans.

According to preliminary results from the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), the FF+ received over 135, 000 votes in the national results, with more than 30% of voting districts counted so far.

The party had also seen significant growth in North West, Limpopo, and Gauteng.

FF+ national head of elections and strategy, Wouter Wessels, told Breakfast with Bongani Bingwa on 702 on Thursday that it wasn’t true the party was only for conservative white people.

“If you go and look at our manifesto, the FF Plus is a party that provides solutions for a better future, not a better past. A better future for all South Africans, creating a society where there’s equal rights and opportunities for all South Africans and that is our point of departure,” Wessels said.

He said the FF+ was beginning to break away from those stereotypes, saying the party had black members and leaders among its ranks.

“I think that myth that is out there that we are an exclusive conservative party, and a party of the past it is starting to change, and this campaign has proven that. Since 2013 we’ve made inroads to actually change the perception of the party,” he said.

He added: “There are black people who do vote for our party, we have black candidates, black members, we have non-white deputy leaders, leaders in provinces, and leaders in leadership positions.”

Wessels said South Africans could expect the FF+ to address issues of unemployment and poverty in the country.

“We say we need a new dispensation so that we build a better SA together,” he said.