Free healthcare, no experience for jobs: Motsoeneng's ACM has many promises

ACM leader Hlaudi Motsoeneng said the ANC and the DA print posters and call it service delivery, but his party would bring actual services to the people.

ACM leader Hlaudi Motsoeneng hosts its final rally in Harrismith on 4 May 2019. Picture: Screenshot.

JOHANNESBURG - African Content Movement (ACM) leader Hlaudi Motsoeneng said his party would pay all government employees very well so they didn't have to go to loan sharks because it was a sin to borrow money while you work.

Motsoeneng addressing a crowd at a stadium in Harrismith, Free State, on Saturday.

He said these government employees will include the teachers, nurses and the police.

“We want a crime-free society, the only people who should carry guns are the police. So, they can look for people who commit crime. They should deal with crime properly. We want 24-hour police patrol, you can even wear your mini skirt at night [and feel safe].”

He said once his party takes over, there would be no crime in South Africa and all hospitals would accept and admit everyone regardless of whether they have medical aid or not.

“The life of people come first.”

He also took a swipe at the African National Congress (ANC) and the Democratic Alliance (DA), saying they are "poster parties" because all they knew was printing posters and calling them service delivery, but his party would bring actual services to the people.

“There is no water or electricity in [parts of] Qwaqwa and KwaZulu-Natal, vote ACM. Don’t vote, ANC, don’t vote DA or these other parties. Vote ACM.”

Motsoeneng said 90% of the country economy should be owned by South Africans, and his party could make this possible.

He said the ANC was run by people who don’t have the experience, but they want the youth to have experience when applying for jobs.

“They learnt from me when I was running the SABC. I’ve never asked young people about experience.”

The ANC said it would do away with experience requirement for graduates when they apply for jobs.

Motsoeneng said there was no party in the country that could say they would bring change within six months.

“We’re not talking about a dream, don’t listen to the analysts. ACM will bring change within six months of being in power.”